My Vintage Star Wars Wish List

Seeking loose items only, have no desire for graded, boxed, MOCs or encased in perspex.

email for trades & sales

Click here for a single pic with all these items:

Top Priority Figures & Accessories to "complete" collection
Warok Bow Need this, do not have.
Yellow Lightsaber for Tatooine Luke Currently only have one missing tip.
Sy Snootles Microphone Top angled bit of current one is broken, so obviously want a new one.
Silver one to match Max Rebos mic.

Extra Accessories I would Like, Low Priority
Romba Spear Need this, do not have.
Rebel Blasters While i have a bunch I am a couple short, so need a few more.
Ben Kenobi Blue Lightsaber One of my Kenobi variants is missing saber, so an extra would be nice
Snowtrooper Cape/Skirt Have one, but would like one for a variant Snowtrooper I have also

Upgrades to existing figures (Higher Priority)
Would rather spend money on the higher priorities above, but will pick up decent deals.
Farm Boy Luke, Brown hair Existing figure has no saber and excessive damage to face. Due to extra price on these, probably not anytime soon. :-(

Upgrades to existing figures (Lower Priority)
Not really in market for these at the moment, rather spend money on higher priorities and come back to these later
Imperial Dignitary Existing figure has the nose paint rub. Rather small though, due to expense not in a big hurry to worry about this. Rather spend money elsewhere.

Low Priority Variants
Not really in market for these at the moment, rather spend money on higher priorities and come back to these later
Especially since some of these are a fair bit pricier.
Hollow Cheek Tusken Raider Of these lower priority this is the one i'd really like to get one day
The others are much lesser priority.
Solid Red rectangle R5-D4

Click for a
closer comparison view.

Not too fussed on him, but one day may look for it.
Note: This is the one with the top left rectangle on the front sticker being fully coloured red. Most of this figure has that rectangle hollow.
I think this variant is pretty uncommon and I can live without this guy and certainly don't want to spend top dollar til after i obtain some higher priority guys.
Lily Ledy Small nose Biker Scout Ive decided not to bother with Lily Ledy variants, but I like the look of this guy so one day i'd like to get him.
Tri-Logo Fett I have a Fett-ish, so want this guy one day.
Did just finally pick up a nice Taiwan Boba so have HK & Taiwan variants so happy with that for now, tri-logo not a huge priority

Other Items
I want these at some stage, but after I get higher priority things.
Dewback Ideally with reins, saddle etc
Rancor Cos he Fucking Rocks and I always wanted one.
Topps candy Heads First wave Chewbacca is my priority. This was my first ever Star Wars item that i remember as a kid.
Would like to get Yoda(have Yoda now) & Boba Fett too, to complement my Yoda & Fett 'other items' collections.
Vehicle Maintenance Mini Rig Need be complete & with stickers

Vehicles etc
One day I'll supplement my collection with some of the ones im missing... but not fussed yet.
tba tba tba

blue cell means i may have found a source for this item...